Zuni Petit Point Flower Earrings

Zuni Petit Point Flower Earrings


For Native America and other Indigeous Peoples, we are taught that during Earth's Creation period the flowers and plants were also given a purpose in their creation. They were given specific responsibilities and individual roles to help the Two-legged beings, the animals, Mother Earth and Father Sky. In each region of the world helper plants can be found. For example, some plants were given the gift to heal, others to cleanse, others to strength the mind or vital organs. Others, like the thorned bushes were given to teach us patience. As plants and flowers were created, they were assigned places to grown, the exact environments they need to strive and continue their species survival. There is still so much to learn about the flora and fauna, but even the smallest plant has a purpose and a place. 


These Zuni Petit Point Flower Earrings are truly antique pieces and made with all earring wearers in mind. May the turquoise flowers remind us that we also have a purpose and have places of ultimate growth.



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