Ring 5

Ring 5

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In Native Ways there is a teaching that "nothing in this world is perfect. Except the Creator." In fact, Native American and First Nation artists will sometimes go to intricate lengths in order to include an imperfection in their art. Whether it is a woven wool rug, a woven basket, a piece of jewelry, or a beaded bracelet, those who honor this teaching will include a small "mistake" or imperfection in their finished product. We are not meant to be perfect in this life, we are meant to be more. This more can be found through connection and kinship with those around us. We can surpass the limited definition of "perfection" by becoming "WE," or to be whole with those around us. 


This particular Chimney Butte turquiose and sterling silver ring has a one-of-a-kind handstamped band, but the stone itself holds the most beautiful "imperfection" in his matrix, or stone face. 


Size: 4.5

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