Ring 6

Ring 6


The Matrix, or face of a turquiose stone, holds its character and identity. So much so, that with time and experience a Native American Silversmith need only look at a stone's matrix in order to identify from which Turquiose mine the stone originates. We are like turquiose. Our indentities or places or origin can also be found in our matrix or in our faces. We carry the eye color, hair color, skin tone of those who walked before us. And we will carry down those traits to the generations coming after us. We are each a unique piece, made up of precious components from across our famliy history. You are unique. 



This particular Ida Mcrary satin etched ring, carries seven handstamped leaves, with 8 intermittent rain droplets. This beautiful Sterling Silver frame surrounds the turquoise stone identified as Royston.

Size: 10

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